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While many online galleries may have come and gone in the past decade, shimeeshaart.com is not just another clone. We are a platform for talented young artists looking for an opportunity to showcase their work. Our only interest lies in watching their profile grow as they try to find their feet and appreciation in this fast paced, oft cynical world that has perhaps little to offer them. We possess no financial stakes or interests in this endeavour that is purely an emotional one born out of sheer love for art. Every piece of art has a fascinating tale to tell. From the emotional stirring that inspired it, its inception to the final piece, an artist’s internal journey is just as alluring as the respective piece itself. We are embarking on a journey ourselves with Shimeeshaart and hope for your patronage as we attempt to bring likeminded and indeed, “like hearted” creative beings together. Feel free to browse through Shimeeshaart and contribute as you wish. You can blog, comment or simply peruse through the images. And if you are an artist, critic or an art historian, we would love to hear from you


Spotlight on New Artists: Unveiling Fresh Perspectives

Welcome to the future of art on Shimeesha! Our platform is proud to introduce talented new artists, each bringing a fresh perspective and unique creativity to the canvas. Explore the latest additions to our community and witness the exciting journey of these budding artists as they share their stories through their captivating artworks.

New Arts

Discover Tomorrow’s Masterpieces Today – Explore More from Our New Artists

Be among the first to witness the rise of new artistic voices. Explore the complete gallery of our emerging artists and support their journey towards creative excellence

Featured Artists

Discover the captivating world of Shimeesha Art through the eyes of our talented artists. Each stroke tells a unique story, and each piece is a testament to their creative brilliance. Explore the curated works of our featured artists, where every masterpiece invites you into a realm of emotions and imagination

Featured Arts

Embark on a Journey of Artistic Exploration – Explore More from Our Featured Artists

Browse our complete artist gallery to uncover hidden gems and support emerging talents. Every click is an endorsement of artistic expression. Join us in celebrating the power of creativity

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