More about artist : Participations

  • 1995 -2000 Worked as Commercial Artist at V. Ramanuj studio, Profoto and Option One graphic design in Ahmedabad.
  • 2006: Painting selected in Kamalnayan Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai.
  • 2006: Solo show at the Contemporary Art Gallery, Ahmedabad .
  • 2010: Group show in Bhartiya kala Utsab All India Art and music  festival in Kolkatta 
  • 2014: Group show in Gallery Green Kolkatta
  • 2015: Solo show ‘Circle-The Essence of Life’ at Gujarat state Lalitkala Academy, Ahmedabad
  • 2015: Participated in ‘season 1’ ‘ Ahmedabad ARTe’FAIR organized by Petal Foundation
  • 2016: Participated in ‘season 2’ Ahmedabad ARTe’FAIR organized by Petal Foundation.
  • 2017: ‘Shilpanjali’ group show organized by Gallery Green Kolkatta presents in Mumbai
  • 2018: ‘Tranquil Life’ celebration on 25th Anniversary of the Society of Metropolitan Chicago. Present our Jainism art in Chicago.
  • 2019: ‘Creative Voyage’ group show organized by Artlife gallery Noida.
  • 2019: ‘Ahmedabad Shopping Festival’ organized by Vibrant Gujarat Federation.

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